My Deloitte Product Intern [Technical] Interview experience [Rejected]

My interview experience at Deloitte during my 6th semester

Application Story

I Applied through the placement cell. After the application, there was a coding round. After the coding round 21 students were shortlisted out of 217. After the interview round 11 Students were finally selected for the internship offer. I couldn’t clear the final round

Why rejected for the role?

I was rejected because I was not able to answer a few questions properly. I answered 1-2 questions totally wrong.


  • Duration: 6 monthsn

  • Topics: DSA, Algorithms, Javascript, React, Express, MongoDB


  1. Learn DSA properly

  2. Keep revising DSA and grind daily on leetcode

  3. Have in-depth knowledge of resumes and project

  4. Don’t mention anything which you are not sure about.

  5. A half-filled resume is better than unnecessary topics which you don’t know.


  • On Campus

  • Eligibility: 6 CGPA

  • Resume tip

Round #1 : Online Coding Test

There were 2 sections 1 hour each. The first section consists of two easy problems. The second section had 1 medium and 1 hard problem.

One of the questions was just some variation of the Rotate array by K toward the left. We need to find the number of left rotations to made so the minimum element of the array comes at the zeroth index.

The Second question was just to find the maximum depth of the generic tree (Basically an acyclic graph was given)

The third question was a variation of the Diameter of a generic tree/ graph problem.
The fourth problem was a hard DP problem something related to cities and their happiness index, I think no one was able to solve this problem completely.

Students who were able to solve 3/4 problems were shortlisted for the next round.

Round #2 : Face to Face Interview

There was a panel of 4 members, 3 of them asked me questions. The interview lasted for around 20 minutes.

  1. What is an API?

  2. Why have you chosen the MERN stack?

  3. Data Structure vs Database.

  4. Can we create our own API?

  5. What are the disadvantages of Virtual DOM? (Didn’t know at all) The answer is too much memory consumption

  6. Why have you used MongoDB?

  7. I was not clear at all with Database concepts, so much confusion.

  8. I was not knowledgeable about SQL.

  9. Why have you used Material UI? What is it? it’s alternatives (Ant design, I mispronounced it).

  10. How much time did you save using Material UI?

  11. Why have you chosen React.Js for your project? What would have you used if not React?

Reference Material

You may refer to my github repository where I usually update any tech interview related material.

Thanks for reading!